Let's overcome late payments 


Meet Beewizer

The Next Generation Of
Late Payments Solutions

Beewizer is a fully automated application dedicated to assisting small and medium businesses like yours, to improve your cash flow and overcome late payments.

Forget everything you know about chasing invoices

Beewizer's fully automated application encourages your customers to pay their debts faster, without you being involved in the process. Everything is automatic! Once you install the application, it does all the work while you collect the money and boost your cash flow.

Simple to download
Easy to use

Let's do it in two steps:

  1. Go to the marketplace of your billing platform (QuickBooks, Zoho, or MYOB)

  2. Download Beewizer app  and that's it

From that moment on, Beewizer works automatically in the background without you noticing. And the result? more customers start to pay debts on time; what a relief…!

Our service is

Let's talk business. With Beewizer, you have nothing to lose.

Did we succeed? The profit is both yours and ours.

We did not achieve? You pay nothing!

As we said, our service is risk-free.

Why Beewizer?

The most innovative way of
chasing invoices and boosting cash flow

Beewizer reinvented a fully automated invoice chaser application for billing platforms, like MYOB, dedicated to helping SMBs overcome late payments and boost cash flow. Our AI knows and predicts what will speak to the hearts and brains of the debtors to encourage each of them to pay faster. No threats, no aggression. Thanks to a unique combination of technology, applied behavioral economics, and tailoring, our approach is empathetic and mostly effective.


Our concept is based on a deep science using the synergistic effect of three scientific elements. 

  1. Combining the most advanced AI algorithms generates cognitive audio-visual tailored content such as B-Avatar.

  2. Applied behavioral economics

  3. Psycholinguistic methods 


Beewizer’s Fully automated cash flow booster application not only helps you to solve the problem of late payments but produces your business significant added values:

  • Improves cash flow 

  • Reduces personnel costs 

  • Improves customers retention

  • Improves economic stability