Let's overcome late payments 


Meet Beewizer

The Next Generation Of
Digital Payment Collection Accelerator

Beewizer is the most intelligent and efficient digital “Debt Collection Accelerator”, dedicated to assisting enterprises and utility companies to overcome late payments.

Being a smart and automatic communication system, Beewizer combines technology with psychology while using data analysis and applied behavioral economics to create and send tailored SMS & Emails that influence your customers to pay on time.

How It Works

  • Integrates with your accounting platform on cloud or on-prem

  • Analyses and predicts your customers’ payment behavior

  • Tailors messages using applied behavioral economics

  • Sends tailored messages to debtors via SMS, Emails or WhatsApp

  • Produces data analysis reports


Beewizer’s Automatic Debit Accelerator unlike any other communication system because of its unique way of handling debtors using a combination of: AI and Rule Engine Automatic tailored messaging Behavioral Economics approach


Beewizer not only helps enterprises to solve the problem of late payments but produces your company significant added values:

  • Improve cash flow 

  • Reduce personnel costs 

  • Improve customers retention

  • Improve economic stability


Debt collection is a critical issue for enterprises, especially when it comes to utility companies. On the one hand, they need to collect debts most efficiently to maintain financial stability, and on the other, they are committed to keeping good customer relationships. Most existing solutions require plenty of resources and do not adequately address the problem. Beewizer is dedicated to assisting enterprises to solve late payments in the most advanced and economic way.

Why Beewizer



Using AI  Beewizer analyzes each customer's historical payment culture, identify their payment patterns, and predict their future behavior. This information allows Beewizer to automatically adjust to each customer the right arguments that will influence him to pay off his debt as quickly as possible.



Beewizer manages to collect late payments not only because it’s so intelligent, but also because it doesn’t give up! Beewizer is programmed to appeal to every customer at the right time, with the right argument, using methods that make them pay much faster.



Unfortunately, not all customers pay by direct debit, which results in late payment. To overcome the problem, enterprises have to invest a lot in collection centers. Beewizer significantly reduces these expenses because it is an automated and smart system!